Noise Auction

Columbus Rock Memorial

Noise Auction was a music project in Central Ohio from early 2004 through early 2006. Originally Noise Auction had three members of the former rock sensation cringe, but Bass player Ryan Butcher moved on to philo early on.

Headed by front man Tom Cline, Noise Auction had plenty of potential to make an impact on the scene. Clines vocals, mixed with the haunting keyboards of Ryan Wilder, were a continuation of that duo in cringe. Jason Ashworth provided rhythm and Jeremiah Ross kept the beat on drums. Dan "Shorty" Morris provided excitement on bass with his theatrical performances.

Many photos of Noise Auction by Shawn Olson are at Noise Auction Concert Photos.. You can read more and still hear some of Noise Auction's songs on the Artistic Network Noise Auction profile.